Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

beaucon jewel pink circle lenses

hey guys ^0^ I'm back with another review, this time about my new beaucon jewel pink circle lenses. I've already wrote about them in one of my first posts here. and FINALLY they are mine.

bought @ honeycolor

price: 22.90 $
usage modality: yearly
BC: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.0 mm
water content: 45%
package: 1 contact lens case included

so i've ordered them and 9 days later I held them in my hands ^0^ yeah that was fast. The lenses came in a small box which I found quiet nice ^-^ . the first time I put them in I was like WTF? cuz one of the black circles was more dark brown while the other contact lens had a normal black circle. luckily one lens was upside down so no fabrication defect lol.

there is no real enlargement, what I personally like a lot. however if you aim for dolly eyes I'd recommend them as well. cuz of the black circles your eyes look sharper and more doll like. sadly the color isn't real pink but more some light brown ;__; however when you look in the mirror from a distance it looks a bit like you have light reddish eyes xDD. and one last point: those lenses are SOOO confortable to wear. my eyes weren't irritated at all even though I wore them the whole day and 9 a.m. till 4 a.m xDD

both eyes with lens

no lens (left) with lens (right)

and one last extra ^0^ I've also orderend this cute little circle lins case from honeycolor.
it was 4.90$ only and I wanted one with mirror and tweezers so badly >-<

travel kit Includes:
1 x contact lens holder
1 x tweezers
1 x solution bottle
1 x compact mirror

I really like it a lot. such a cute design and the quality is also good for the price. it's just sad that it smells a bit strange... but I think it'll be better after a while

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  1. Really pretty!! ♥___♥ I love how they don't even look pink, but more a really nice light brown~
    I think I will try honeycolor for my next pair of circle lenses~ I've heard really good things about them so far :)