Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011


hey hey everyone
sorry for the lack of updates, but there's so much going on atm so that I barely find time to think about my blog >3<

-my best friend e. finally came back from her 1/2 year journey to italy. I know her since 7 years now and spend soooo much time with her, whether it was about drawing, projects, clubbing, shopping, hanging around, sports etc. it was like my better half disappeared for half a year : / such a weird feeling.

-winter hopefully ends soon so my figure needs to get in shape xD = SPORTS lol
e. hopefully will once again join m. and me xD it's so much fun to do workouts & fitness with friends. friends really helps you to NOT skip sport.

-1/2 a year ago my family moved into our new home...and since than this last fucking packing case lingers in my room lol. atm I have such a motivation to get my room done so I' suuuuper busy with cleaning and clearing stuff xDD but hey I finally feel home : 3

oh and beside cleaning my room I also tried to get this datachaos on my pc into order lol EPIC FAIL XD but I had such a nice time looking through old pictures

want to share some old pics with you xD sadly I don't have any photos of me when I was in america : / least not on my pc xD

skiing winter 05
archery summer 06
archery summer 07
japan summer 08 (me, jessi, forgot her name xD )
rotlich shooting winter 08
diving spring 09
diving summer 09
home summer 09
föhr summer 10

definitely upcoming sometime:

- webcam retrospect (REALLY epic XD )
- lash review (yeah I've got another 2 pairs today xD )
- rotlich project ( want to share some great pics with you)
- diving holidays (under water pics >3< )

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  1. Wow, your style has changed so much over the years! XD I love posts like this~
    Good luck with everything though bb ♥