Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

diamond lashes 2

wie im letzten post schon erwähnt hab ich noch mehr diamond lashes die ich hier vorstellen möchte. diese warn meine 1. die ich von diamond lashes gekauft hab.

purchased @ ichibankao
upper lashes : diamond lashes first series; fairy eye
partial lashes : diamond lashes first series; little devil eye

price: each 1700¥

payment: paypal
delivery: shipping time was a month which really annoyed me, but luckily my second order came within 9 days ^0^

i've seen the fairy eye lashes featured in so many jelly mags so I've thought why not try those. I really like this typical natural look, so I hoped for the best and tada jelly was right, those really are gorgeous gorgeous lashes. easy to apply, like every diamond lashes I've tried so far. I use the fairy eyes every day when I put on makeup and now I can't imagen my makeup with out falsies anymore XD. the little devil eye partial lashes are uh well, not really what I need but it's kinda nice to have them in petto. i'd recommend those to beginners and people who aren't good at applying false lashes : 3

diamond lashes first series fairy eye

diamond lashes first series little devil eye
little devil eye (left); little devil eye + fairy eye (right)

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  1. Another gorgeous lash look! ♥ I swear, your eyes were made for these lash reviews~ so pretty!