Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

still alive

hello guys ♡ sorry for not telling you that I'm on a little hiatus. I had so much to do for university, but now I can 'relax' a little bit. 

yesterday my friend mara and I went to the museum in munich to take a look at '30 years future fashion'- a showroom about 30 years of japanese fashion. it was sooooo inspiring ♡ and I was angry with myself for not taking my sketch-book with me ✖ however I have everything in my mind and I'll draw everything down when I have a bit more spare time next week ♡

here are some pictures of the day ♡ & before I forget it: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 50 FOLLOWERS 


  1. Sounds really interesting!
    You look good too <3

  2. Wow das muss eine sehr geniale Ausstellung gewesen sein *Neid*! Und du siehst (wie immer) super aus :). Deine Haare... super!

  3. Amazing photos! ♥ & ughhh, I'm SO jelly of your super-long hair haha! XD