Montag, 9. Mai 2011

twin style


hello dears  ♡ as I've said before, I'm gonna to tell you about the small festival we had in augsburg this sunday. 
my friend mara and I decided to go as twins after we found this gorgeous dress in some asian market the other day. we both were in love with it at first sight and it looked good on both uf us ♡ on sunday mara came a bit earlier so that we'd have enough time to do our hair...haha it was a total fail xD because we weren't in time at all. but it was alright because the event we've went to sucked lol. 

we arrived at 2 p.m. which was actually pretty late....we didn't get any mochi ewww ✖ but we looked good xD I really loved my hair and thanks to mara it also looked good from the back haha. I tried to do my best with her hair too, but I didn't came out as I've wanted to. have to practice more 〪> 3 <〪

jenny, a cute gal from munich was there too so we've met up. since there wasn't anything fun to do we walked around for a bit, chat and than split up again. jenny went with her friends and mara and I met another friends of mine, julia and biene. we went to the japan-garden. it was sooooo crowded ✖ dislike... but we took some great pics there. thanks again julia for being such a great photographer ♡

after we took the pictures julia and biene went home. it was sooo boring ✖ not even many cosplays to look at. in the end we decided to look for jenny and say good bye. but than we stayed with her for a little longer and had another nice chat.
I really hope she'll soon be a member of himeberry. that would be great, since she's such a nice and sweet gal ♡

♡♡♡♡ thanks again julia for taking those great pictures | & love mara ♡ my gorgeous twin ♡♡♡♡


  1. omg das handycover ist ja geil!!!*A*

    ihr seht toll aus <3

  2. ooh neues design!
    schöne fotos und das handy rockt!*_*
    du bist so hübsch <333

  3. Wow, die Kleider sind wirklich wunderschön und ihr seht toll drin aus. *-*

  4. You guys are so sweet! Love your twin co-ord, looks very Spring style.

  5. klar, die fotos hab ich doch gerne für euch gemacht :)
    aber irg.wie komme ich mir in diesem outfit ein bisschen fehl am platz vor DX
    vorallem schau ich aus wie ein waaaaaal Q_Q weiß macht feeeeeeeeettt~

  6. omg you 2 look gorgeous!! ♥ & your hair too omg! omggg!!
    Excuse the overuse of those 3 letters, hahaha XD

  7. you two look so sweet, absolutely gorgeous!
    and you are so thin *jealous* great really lovely =)

  8. awww hat mich auch total gefreut dich zu treffen ;_; <3333

    und ihr beide saht so toll aus !!!

  9. Super, super sweet but OMG kuroneko!! I've been wanting that iPhone case but it's always sold out xD

  10. u guys are so sweet!!! O___O <3

  11. so hübsch <3 (gar nicht mal übel für nen stricher |D <3)

  12. cute blog!
    i dont know if i follow you already...but even if it is not so...i dont know where i can follow you >< i cant find the list of your followers haha :)
    anyways, cute pictures and i love ypur dress <3