Sonntag, 17. April 2011

meetup @ kirsche


last sunday was a gyaru-meetup @ kirsche in fürth. I was a bit nervous because this was the day I got to know the other himeberry members (beside yaya and kitai). but they were really nice and lovely so I got along well with everyone and had a wonderful day : D

we met at 13:30 but meli was late so yaya, kitai, suzu, tanee and me decided to take a few group-pics. thanks to rene and tanee's boyfriend for taking the picutres <3. I still have my old cam but I want a new one pretty soon >_< however my cam's quali is crap so I didn't take any pictures and asked the others to send me the pics instead xD
of course we took more pics than I show you, but I don't want to overdo it xD so I show you my favourite pictures.

than meli arrived and we went to the mee-up point. it was a bit strange, xD there were nearly no cosplayer and not many people in general. but uh well, idk. it was fun anyways.
when we arrived we met hinabi and barbara, 2 great gals. they joined us later on after they finished eating xD. while they ate we looked around but it was soooo boring and unspectacular. we bought something to eat and went out right away to sit down in the gras and enjoy our meal in the sun <3 afterwards we talked about this and that, comeback of manba in 2011, egg, models, etc.etc. & of course we took more photos <3 sadly tanee didn't feel well so she left before we took photos.


  1. nice pictures ;))
    looks like you had fun
    and i really love the style and clothes of you all!! good inspiration (´3`)

    Have a nice daay

  2. Love each & every one of you ladies' style! ♥ Looking gorgeous~~