Sonntag, 24. April 2011

happy easter

hello everyone <3 hope you had a great easter. I didn't celebrate xD but I had a nice day anyways.
last week my new circle lenses and lashes arrived, so I've tried out some makeup. i'll do a review on both somewhen this week. so just a few pictures for now. (cuz I've got a new cam <3 ) lol and please ignore the hair hahaha


  1. Wow, sehr nice!
    Steht dir sehr gut & ich liebe deine Haare btw! ♥

  2. wow die lisen sehen so krass natürlich aus <3

    &ich steh voll auf deine haare ´A`♥

  3. www was hast du fürn gloss und lipstick ? die farbe ist wunderbar *0*

  4. Awh, you look so pretty! ♥ I totally thought these were photos of a gal model at first :D