Sonntag, 3. April 2011

leipziger buchmesse part 2 meetup & other stuff / image heavy

heya ^0^ oh my gosh what a wonderful weekend <3 took plenty of pics and bought lots of new stuff in muc. gonna post about it tomorrow <3

but first of all, here is the second part of the leipziger book fair. on saturday I've lost my friends because I had to take some pictures for work. while I was waiting for them near the pond, sasha and nina came over to where I stood and asked me whether I'd like to join. there was a small gal-meetup and I was soooo happy that
I got to know more gals : 3
later I've also got to know kitai. she's such a cute gal with a wonderful personality. i'm so looking forward to meet her again.
sorry for such a short and vague report, but I really can't describe. it was a wonderful, perfect day. I'll keep it in my heart forever.

however here are some pictures:

me and sascha

nina and me

me and kitai

group-pic: melissa, jasmin, kitai, me, sascha
shortly before I left the book fair I took one last outfit pic with kairi

on sunday I've spent most of the time with kairi and kao. another great day with good friends <3 . too bad that kao and I had to leave at 3 p.m. because there was still a 3 1/2 hour ride back home to augsburg. however who cares. we had a fun time, and that's all what counts <3

lululu I was bored xD me and kao

kao (uruha cosplay) and kairi

gigantic heart spam xD kao and me



  1. you are such a great gal with wonderful personality TOO ♥♥
    Wanna meet you again !! Eine Woche noch :3

  2. Glad to see you had a lot of fun & got to meet so many cool people ❤