Montag, 11. April 2011

chilling with friend

hey gals : D
lately I have so much to write about but don't find the time. I really want to improve my blog, so I'll put more effort into my entries from now on.

today I want to tell you about a wonderful day with my dear friend julia. on april the third the weather was soooo gorgeous that we decided to meet up and chill. because of school I haven't had a chance to meet her in a while and there was so much to talk about.

we met at the botanical garden, which was a great idea... sadly we weren't alone xD so I had some problems to get a parking spot : / sorry julia for making you wait

the botanical garden has a cute japanese pond which was great for cooling down haha I swear I was about to melt. on my way to the botanical garden I saw a few blooming cherry-trees, so I expected the garden to be in full bloom.... sadly that wasn't the case .__. but it was nice anyways : 3
oh and shortly before we left we entered a tropical hall which also had an area with many exotic butterflies. I took tons of pictures...not sure how I should present them, so I'll cut the butterfly part out xD
It was super humid in there and we were sweating like hell, so we didn't stay inside for too long....but long enough to take some baka-pictures of us XDDD

because julia had to study for school we left about 2 p.m.
on my way home my other friend mara called, and we met up at my house later. the day before I went shopping in munich and bouth a new pair of high heels (15 cm / 5,9 inch). mara wanted to try them on right away, so she did XD. the shoes looked good on her until she stod up xD
mom had to take a picture xD. the pic mom took reminded us of a picture I've found of tsubasa and her husband xD. here is a wonderful simile - epic isn't it? -

I'm 1,62 cm (63,7 inch) and mara should be around 1,92 cm ( 75,6 inch) with high heels XD


  1. LOL omg ich liebe die Baka Bilder :D :D

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  3. der tag war einfach toll <3
    müssen wir echt öfters machen :D
    Gott, die bakabilder sind echt episch <3
    mag haben :D
    mara und du = LOL X3

  4. Awh, it looks like summer there! *___* So jelly!
    Cute photos ♥

  5. hi <3 sehr toller Blog <3

    Habe dich gerade im GGL Forum gefunden ^.^

    btw, kommst du aus Hamburg????
    Der botanische Garten sieht aus wie unser Planten un Bloom O.o