Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

leipziger buchmesse part 1 cosplay / image heavy

hey everyone : D last weekend was the best in quiet a while.
I went to the leipziger book fair with kao. it was a short term decision so I was really happy that we got the chance to stay with friends of kao yeah xD inexpensive book fair, that's how I like it haha

I have a lot to write about but feel super dizzy because of my cold and fever and stuff...sooooo I'll do two cosplay part (too image heavy lol ) and meetup/random part.

cosplay part 1 first

sadly I didn't see as many good cosplays as I hoped to see, so I don't have many cosplays to show you.
here are some of my fav.
captain jack sparrow yeah XD he did a great job

scrat / ice age poor cosplayer XD it was so freakin hot inside the building...

awesome card-dress *_* bella told me that she used over 1000 cards for this cosplay JESUS

soo freakin gorgeous. I was really happy that kitai fi told me about them. I think their cosplay was chess inspired : O white queen, king etc.

details *_*

star wars xD

I wondered how they managed to get pan through the weapon-check xDD

fav cosplay *__* HOBBITS AWWW look at their feet <3

group cosplay, great idea; dead disney heroes xDD pan again haha, ariel is my fav. great figure and coslpay ^0^ love the bra haha

paradise kiss <3>

xDD don't know where kao got this face xDDDDD uruha cosplay, gazette, great job as always <3

final fantasy, we stayed at their place those 2 days <3>

cosplay part 2 tomorrow, and on friday gyaru meetup xD


  1. Wow, the Jack Sparrow guys looks SO MUCH like the real one!! D:

  2. Hallo :D
    danke für dien liebes kommi !
    ich hab in meinem blog auf ein kommi geantwortet ( bei kommentare)