Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

new design

aya belated first february post was too busy with selling old stuff until now, sorry.

however here I am & want to present the new header to you
finally I finished my headergal U__U she sure had to change her clothes many times for me
xDDD first her leo-ear-hat-with-pockets gave me a headache U__U had no idea which pattern I should use for it, sooo I just removed it haha. plain hair was just odd so I added an usamimi first, too offtrend, earwarmer, looked stupid, bow....YEAH BOW xD tsubasa-like haha. pattern of her jacket changed a lot too, black fur first, too ...black, normal leo, too outstanding, gray leo= perfect : 3
however blablabla here it finally is xD. thought that I'll only change her clothes from season trend to season trend until I grow tired of her face and whole header layout I"D

I must say, I'm pretty satisfied with the result atm : 3 u too? maybe I'll fix a few settings somewhen next days, but lately I'm really not in the mood to fight with html >__>

btw thank you very much for 17 followers >//3//<>

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