Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

there should be a 'captain' in there, somewhere

hohoho everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas...or will have, where ever you may life.
but this post is not about christmas or anything related (I'll do a christmas post the other day )
its about?
pirates of the caribbean 4

even though I don't really like the trailer cuz it's kinda....confusing...
but who cares? jonny is in there so I have to watch it xD
however I really like the trailer's opening xD kinda unexpected to start a trailer like this

so yeah that's it so far. hope you guys have a few wonderful christmas days with lots of presents fun and a lot to eat ; 3 oh and don't fall ill kay? it really sucks to lie in bed while everyone enjoys christmas. but lol it at least helped me to loose 4 kg in a week xD gosh

btw tori: I don't think that you've already got my card....but hopefully you'll receive it until new year D I sorry for that.


  1. Hope you have/had a Merry Christmas too, bb~! ♥ & aweee, no worries! I sent my card out to you late too, so ;o; Hopefully we will get them at the same time now, haha! XD

  2. öööy gemein, du hast ein blog und erzählst mir nichts davon q_______q


    ahw ich freue mich auf den film!
    und frohes neues jahr!